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My Bike

I and my bicycle just join The TUD ( Teammate of Unity & Dude ) Project London x Bangkok!!
Let’s see our project at http://tudtudtud.tumblr.com/

Here is the link to some blogger from another side of the world who is interested in my bike. hehehe

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Blue Boo


Hamberger9 Autumn/Winter 2009/2010  Blue Boo!!! Denim
Model : Skinny Colour : Indigo

Design by Chisiri  maeteepong

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Black & White

Jacket : FBT
Shirt : Nut O-MO
Pants : FQ&L Men & More Design
Shoes : Nut

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New Red pants + New White Sneaker


Updated!! Look

T-Shirt : Pink
Belt : Dapper
Pants : CK & More Design
Shoes : Paul Smith

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